Building profiles

As the important production base and building profile supplier of Guangdong industrial aluminum, "SKYLINE" brand-name product - aluminum alloy profiles, well-known for high strength, corrosion resistance, decorativeness, long life and rich colors, are widely used in building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and other fields. Through the establishment of an aluminum distributor team, Skyline Aluminum has formed a marketing network centering on Foshan of Guangdong, and covering the whole country and the international market.

Aluminum for Home Decoration

Skyline Aluminum Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the innovative research and development of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Among them, the new series of energy-saving products such as window screen series, broken bridge heat insulation series, narrow frame series, sun room series and all-aluminum furniture products have excellent performance in the market. With the advantages of eco-friendliness, delicate structures, waterproof and fireproof, and fine and uniform hues and colors, consumers in the market have deep trust in the home decoration profiles of Skyline Aluminum.

Industrial aluminium

While developing doors and windows and home decoration profiles, Skyline Aluminum continues to expand its industrial aluminum business. Skyline features specialized and advanced technology in the production of industrial profiles with a width of up to 300MM including 6060, 6005, 6061, 6082, 7003 and other alloy grades. The products are used in machinery, electronics, roads, transportation, refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, solar energy and other industries. Among them, 6061 and 7003 are even used in the field of high-speed rail and aviation.
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High-tech equipment

Skyline Aluminum has a total of 16 extrusion production lines, two oxidation production lines, two spraying production lines and three wood grain production lines. In response to market demand, we have started the environmentally friendly crystal plating production lines, fluorocarbon coating lines and mold production lines.

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