CREATING NEW HEIGHTA Hong Kong-funded enterprise that integrates the production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles.It is a manufacturer that specializes primarily in aluminum alloy building profiles and secondarily industrial profiles.

Established in 1993, Skyline Aluminum is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise that integrates the production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles. Skyline took the lead by boldly investing in the production of aluminum profiles. It is one of the enterprises in Foshan which launch into the industry. At present, Skyline is specialized primarily in the production of aluminum alloy building profiles and secondarily in industrial profiles. Skyline was relocated to Sanshui Industrial Park in 2010. The factory covers an area of 135,000 square meters with nearly 700 employees. To boost productivity and meet increasing demand, Skyline Aluminum has a total of 16 extrusion production lines, 2 oxidation production lines, 2 spraying production lines and 3 wood grain production lines. Skyline Aluminum has also launched the eco-friendly crystal plating production lines, fluorocarbon coating lines and mould production lines. The product sale of Skyline is mainly export-oriented, supplemented by domestic sales, with an annual output of 40,000 tons. The products are exported to Canada, South Africa, Germany, the United States, Indonesia, West Africa, France and so on.

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In strict accordance with the standards of the State Environmental Protection Administration, Skyline has invested heavily in the construction of "reverse osmosis" wastewater purification treatment tanks, and, in response to the national call for "energy saving and emission reduction", has implemented mechanization and automated production across the board. Skyline insists on the "people-oriented" management that has been promoted by top companies in recent years, and advocates "office computerization". Skyline adopts the "Aluminum Star" software, which is famous in the aluminum industry, to provide comprehensive network from the workshop to the office building. In addition, Skyline strives to separate manufacturing areas from residential areas in line with the theme of "green and eco-friendliness" to create a garden-style manufacturing plant area. In the future, the annual output will increase to 60,000 tons.

In 2016, Skyline registered a new brand Yinhe Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., which specializes in the comprehensive aluminum alloy home decoration, doors and windows and all-aluminum furniture design and production.In 2017, Skyline was rated as "National High-Tech Enterprise". We are creating a brighter future with ever better products and services!