• oxidation and
    electrophoresis workshop
    Since its establishment, the company has invested heavily in the construction of aluminum surface treatment. It has built two advanced oxidation coloring production lines, which can produce high quality anodized electrolytic coloring products required by the GB5237.2 and GB5237.3, European Quranod, British BS3987 and Japanese JIS H8601 and JIS H8602 standard and specifications.
    In terms of electrophoresis, the company has constructed one Taiwan electrophoresis surface treatment production line in which advanced functional technologies such as electrophoresis and coloring are used. The electrophoretic colored aluminum profiles does not cause any light pollution, and can meet various advanced decorative requirements.It also has a weather resistance of at least 15 years in normal use conditions.
    Aging treatment refers to the heat treatment process in which the alloy workpiece is solution treated, cold plastically deformed or cast, and placed at a higher temperature or in a greenhouse after forging, whose properties, shapes and dimensions change with time. If the workpiece is heated to a higher temperature, the aging treatment process is performed in a shorter time. The purpose of aging treatment is to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, stabilize the structure and size, and improve the mechanical properties.
  • Sandblasting treatment
    Usually, the oxidation treatment does not meet the anti-corrosion requirements, so it is sandblasted and then coated. Aluminum blasting boasts a variety of functions. Sandblasting can be used for cleaning, deburring, edging, eliminating stress, changing roughness, achieving the decorative effect, and so on.
  • Spraying
    production line
    The company has introduced a number of world-class spraying equipment from Switzerland and built two spraying production lines with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. In terms of powder coating, we adopt a variety of weather-resistant powders from the world famous brand Akzo, and its colorful colors provide a wide choice for various styles of architecture. Under normal conditions of use, our coated aluminum profiles have a weatherability of at least 15 years and are particularly suitable for use in various harsh environments.
  • Wood grain
    In the future, energy-saving windows and doors will be a trend. The advantages of wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows compared with the natural solid wood doors and windows are that wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows feature beautiful grains, light weight, easy installation, and green and eco-friendly without deformation. In addition, the price of wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows is more advantageous than natural precious wood doors and windows. In response to the government's call and comply with market demand, Skyline has developed beautiful, energy-saving and eco-friendly products and established three wood grain production lines. The annual output reaches 10,000 tons.