Demonstrating Elite Character, Uniting Team Force
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The same piece of iron can be melted or melted into steel. The same team can do nothing, but also achieve great success. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, enhance mutual trust and enhance team cooperation ability, from July 16 to 17, 2018, the staff went to the South China Sea Wetland Development Training Base in two groups to participate in the outdoor activities with the theme of "exhibiting elite style and cohesion of team forces". Outward bound training is organized by professional coaching team "Xiangdang". This outward bound development is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training designed to meet the needs of modern team building. At 8:00 a.m. on July 16, all the staff were ready to take a train to the South China Sea Wetland Development Training Base. After arriving at the base, they listened to the coaches'arrangement, wore training camouflage clothes and went to the base camp to concentrate. On-site teams selected team leaders and honey, and carried out the activities of raising team names, making team flags and calling team numbers. It fully demonstrates the creativity and passion of the participants, gathers the wisdom of all, condenses the innovative consciousness, and shows the positive team spirit.

Then, according to the coach's guidance, starting with warm-up exercise, "Challenge the training objectives: by cooperating with each other quickly to improve the relationship between people, in the case that everyone thinks it impossible, to achieve the possible success effect, time is running away, each team has completed this project, which represents: everything is all. It's possible to turn your imagination into reality and your thoughts into actions. You can only imagine and do nothing.

Immediately after the completion of this project, through the instructions of the coach, came to the second project - "sailing" and the third project - "breathing power"

After lunch, we moved on to the next project.——Graduation wall


At the beginning, many people thought that they could not climb over the wall, but the team told us that many people had completed the action. This project guided us. As a member of the team, we must first have a sense of responsibility, clear responsibility of everyone, clear leadership, clear the whole team. Responsibility. Individual strength is limited, while team strength is infinite. When we encounter some difficulties, we can't overcome them by our own abilities. At this time, we should give full play to the power of teamwork. Through effective communication, all of us work together and cooperate in battle, so we can overcome difficulties and win the final victory.

In this outreach activity, we are told that:

(1)     In the work, communication and information sharing are needed among departments and posts, cooperation and coordination are needed to form the integration of forces in order to accomplish common tasks.

(2)     Learn to think in different ways when confronted with problems. In our work, we should see differences, accommodate differences, coordinate differences, make use of differences, and learn from differences to make up for weaknesses.

(3)     Know how to position oneself correctly. In a team, one should not only display one's own strengths and wisdom, but also understand one's own strengths and weaknesses, learn to appreciate others and respect others. Correct your position and do your job well.

(4)     I deeply realized that the strength of the team is enormous. Without the cooperation and joint efforts of every member of the team, many things would be difficult to accomplish. Secondly, difficulties really exist, but they tend to expand in imagination. To overcome oneself is the first step to success.

But we all believe that through this outward bound training activity, as long as we uphold the spirit of teamwork and regard every work as a challenge in outward bound training, there will be no difficulties that can not be overcome, no problems that can not be solved, and we believe that tomorrow will be better! With the strength of our team, we will continue to strive to build SKYLINE 's future.

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