University Questions on Selecting Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows
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In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to energy-saving doors and windows. In this short period of time, the brand of finished doors and windows has been rapidly established, occupying the market of home decoration doors and windows. From the past plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, to today's energy-saving doors and windows, system doors and windows, intelligent doors and windows, passive doors and windows, etc.


All building doors and windows have been developed in line with the general trend of policy. Energy-saving doors and windows in the future belong to a rigid requirement and an urgent problem based on human energy development.

At the Copenhagen Climate Conference, China made a solemn commitment to the world: "By 2020, China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be 40-45% lower than in 2005!" Subsequently, the state promulgated and implemented a series of energy-saving and emission reduction policies. In addition, various provinces and municipalities in China have also issued mandatory energy-saving standards for doors and windows, vigorously promoting green building and green building materials.

The houses built in the last century in our country do not meet the energy-saving standards in terms of door and window products. Most of them are non-energy-saving doors and windows, so there will be a large market in the field of energy-saving transformation of doors and windows in the future.

Experts said that the annual consumption of new building doors and windows in China is 650 million square meters, with an annual output value of more than 450 billion yuan. Most of the original 11 billion square meters of buildings are equipped with plastic steel and ordinary aluminium alloy windows. Due to the aging of plastic steel windows, ordinary aluminium alloy windows, strips, rubber strips and other reasons, the service life is about 10 years. Therefore, in the next 10 years, more than 11 billion square meters of doors and windows will enter China successively. In the period of renewal and replacement, the market value of the renovation of existing buildings'doors and windows will exceed trillion yuan.

Adhering to the "green, energy-saving, environmental protection" standards of doors and windows, contributing to building energy conservation and social environmental protection, and advocating consumers to choose good quality doors and windows to live a healthy life, while ensuring excellent performance and comprehensive functions of doors and windows products, personalized customized services are provided to users. The doors and windows are dedicated to creating for the majority of users of doors and windows. Safe, energy-saving and comfortable home life.

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